Welcome to Groups at EPIC Fit Club!

All of us are in a different place in our fitness journey, but one fact is certain. We have to commit to our own personal health and fitness level before we’re going to see a change. That is intimidating for a lot of people hear, but EPIC Fit Club Coaches have the solution–Support. You don’t have to search for your best health and fitness level alone. In fact, those who use their coach for support are almost four times more likely to succeed. Regardless of your weight, your body shape, or what your level of athletic ability is, you only have one body. Remember, health and fitness isn’t just for someone else, it is for everyone. Health and fitness is right for you!

Would you like to be considered for a spot in one of our health and fitness groups? We’ve got it all–weights, cardio, dancing, yoga, and more! And, you have the option to take it with you on the go with Beachbody On Demand. For the healthiest, fastest results don’t forget your Beachbody Performance or the Healthiest Meal of the Day, Shakeology.

We’ll give you the support and encouragement you need to succeed. Right now, we’d like to learn about you. Filling out this form will let us know you are interested in achieving a healthier lifestyle.

*The groups we offer will change from time to time, so enter today to lock-in your position.

Beachbody Super-Trainers
Beachbody Super-Trainers